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King of the Moon

Editorial Reviews

“King of the Moon is a picture book that all ages will enjoy. It’s a magical voyage to a fantastical world that seamlessly incorporates messages about sharing and friendship. The illustrations are vibrant and bold and just as magical as the words.”

Sheri Hoyte Books

“The book is like a beautiful rainbow… My sister and I liked how the story-line had funny rhymes and unusual pictures and characters. This is a great book for early readers, because the pictures are so fun and the words are easy to sound out.”

Reader Views Kids

Reader Reviews

The Story of Bluff

Editorial Reviews

“A fun, unusual, and brightly colored story, that teaches people a valuable lesson: We can think we are really good at something, but that does not allow us to make other people feel bad. This is a good book to teach people to be kinder to others.” 

– Reader Views Kids

“In this series opener, Kind provides a valuable lesson to readers… The caricature-like images against a sepia background by debut illustrator Pollitt enhance the rich retro flavor of the story, which brings to mind folk tales from the American South.”

– Kirkus Reviews

Reader Reviews

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